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Recommended Apps

Think Dirty App Logo

Think Dirty

A useful app for checking your cosmetic and personal hygiene products for potentially harmful chemicals and ingredients. They have 2.5 million listed and ranked products in the app, however some Aussie brands are yet to be included. 

Headspace App Logo


A mental health oriented app designed to eliminate the barrier to entry and high costs associated with seeking help. The app offers guided sessions & meditations just like in-person therapy, and can be a fantastic option if you aren't ready or can't afford to visit a psychologist.

Alarmy App Logo

Sleep Cycle

A great sleep tracking app for those who can't afford an expensive wearable to track their sleep. Includes an alarm clock that will wake you during the lightest phase of your sleep cycle, helping you to avoid waking up feeling groggy.

Dual N-back app logo

Dual N-back

A brain training game recommended by Ben Greenfield. The game provides audio and visual cues and requires you to memorise the position of squares on a grid with progressive difficulty. These have been proven to improve your working memory and short-term recall. logo has an amazing selection of ambient music (Binaural beats) designed to help you in different scenarios, including relaxation, rest, work and focus. Each track has been scientifically studied and evaluated for its actual ability to affect your state of mind.

Zero App Logo


An app designed to help you track your fasting. Great if you're planning to start the fasting journey. The app includes multiple goals to choose from including weight loss, gut health, mental clarity, and longevity. This one is powerful, and the benefits outweigh the costs.

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