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Who are they?

Mick and Katy, the husband-and-wife team behind HGG Performance, launched their Australian-owned family business in 2020, meeting the surge in demand for home gym equipment during the pandemic. Leveraging Mick's engineering and strength & conditioning expertise, they rapidly expanded, introducing groundbreaking products like the world's first Tib Bars & Nordic Bars. These innovations gained global acclaim, embraced by elite athletes and teams, even earning mentions on the Joe Rogan podcast. In September 2021, Mick unveiled the ISOTIB®, transforming strength & conditioning, rehab, and recovery with its ability to isolate and strengthen leg muscles. The subsequent ISOTIB-LT, a more versatile and portable version, became their best-selling product, trusted by professionals worldwide. 

Why are they different?

Mick's steadfast commitment to producing high-quality products has positioned HGG Performance uniquely in the industry, earning the trust of global fitness professionals such as those in the UFC, NBA, and the respected Joe Rogan. Their ongoing dedication to in-house design and manufacturing not only keeps the process localized but also ensures the preservation of their distinctive Australian brand legacy.

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