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Kickstart your morning with coffee and L-theanine!

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Not already taking L-theanine? Heres why you should be:

L-theanine has been studied for years and is known for its ability to decrease anxiety symptoms and improve mental performance in a wide range of circumstances. But did you know that caffeine and L-theanine have a pronounced synergistic effect? Benefits of taking L-theanine with caffeine include:

Mitigation of the physiological stress symptoms caused by caffeine alone (jitters, anxiety, increased heart rate), In various studies the combination has been shown to elicit improvements in reaction time, working memory, and alertness, with less reports of headaches and feeling tired once the Caffeines effects begin to subside. said the following:

"L-theanine may also have mild cognitive-enhancing effects, especially when taken with caffeine.[1] L-theanine has also been shown to suppress the blood pressure increasing effects of caffeine[2] and may also counteract blood pressure increases under stressful conditions.[3] Though it does not provide any sedative-like effects, L-theanine enhances sleep quality by promoting a more relaxed state in the brain.[4]"

You can find this article From and more info on L-theanine at the link below:

My experience

I have been taking L-theanine with all forms of caffeine for some time now, and personally notice that it allows my caffeine tolerance to remain the same even if consuming coffee regularly. It seems to draw out the effects of the caffeine and provides a more gradual increase in energy and alertness than caffeine alone, while alleviating the usual crash as the caffeine leaves my system.

Based on recommendations from Ben Greenfield and personal experimenting, I find that a 1:4 ratio of caffeine to L-theanine works best, meaning for every 100mg of caffeine (about one cup of coffee), I take 400mg of L-theanine.

L-theanine can make a great addition to your morning routine and can be quite inexpensive.

Always consult a healthcare professional before making any changes to your current lifestyle, diet, or supplementation protocol.


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