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Who are they?

Life Cykel was co-founded by Julian Mitchell and Ryan Creed in 2015 when they decided to collect coffee waste from Australian cafes and restaurants and used it to grow gourmet mushrooms, which they could sell back to the community. Once the coffee waste had been used to grow mushrooms it could then be used as an organic fertiliser. They were creating a closed-loop system and beginning their mission to inspire new attitudes towards food production, waste products and mushrooms. Life Cykel are pioneers in the space, and have worked hard to develop market leading functional mushroom extracts that have everyone from 9 News, to Joe Rogan talking about their products.

Why are they different?

Life Cykel distinguishes itself in the wellness industry through its commitment to cultural respect and community engagement. Collaborating with figures like John Smith Gumbula and the Byron Bay Herb Nursery, a non-profit supporting those with disabilities, they create unique products infused with native Australian ingredients and contribute socially by offering employment opportunities. Initiatives like the Dreamtime Bush Tucker Box and the Grow & Gift a Tree program exemplify their approach: blending high-quality wellness products with ethical practices and environmental stewardship. This blend of culture, community, and sustainability makes Life Cykel a notably different company, deeply invested in both product impact and social responsibility.

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