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Who are they?

Founded in 2012 by Justin Snyder, Forest Super Foods emerged from his transformative encounter with Spirulina during travels in India in 2004. Driven by a passion for superfoods, the company prioritizes positive impact through partnerships with small suppliers and contributions to rescuing Australian rainforests. Snyder's commitment to customer care, instilled by his grandfather, shapes the company's practices, including local sourcing, freeze-drying for nutrient preservation, and offering whole foods without additives. Now a trusted global brand after 12 years, Forest Super Foods promises the purest superfoods to enhance customers' well-being.

Why are they different?

Forest Super Foods stands out from other brands by embodying a commitment to environmental conservation, particularly the protection of rainforests. Acting as a platinum supporter of Rainforest Rescue, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving ancient rainforests, the company donates $1 from every order to safeguard endangered Australian rainforests. This initiative aligns with their belief in being responsible stewards of the planet, emphasizing the crucial role rainforests play as the "lungs of the planet" and their unique biodiversity. The founder, Justin Snyder, emphasizes a customer-centric approach and a dedication to quality, evident in the products grown in Australia, freeze-dried for nutrient retention, and sold as whole foods without additives. 

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